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Difference Makers

apples--blueAt Cruser Mitchell, we’re difference makers. How?

We adhere to a simple principle: Obtain excellent results for our clients in the most efficient manner. A lawsuit presents a business decision, and that is how we approach litigation management. Also, we have implemented metrics to measure our results and ensure our attorneys focus on delivering excellence with efficiency.

Upon retention, we are 100% resolution-focused and that resolution will be determined by our client after we provide all options—just like any other business decision. We help each client to determine what a “win” is, and then set out a strategy to achieve this “win” economically and efficiently.

Rather than tell you about our difference maker approach, we can show you our Scorecards. Or, you can talk to dozens of clients who will describe Cruser Mitchell as “one of the best firms in the nation.”

By consistently following this principle, we have grown from a single office with four lawyers to more 45 lawyers spread over several offices. Cruser Mitchell represents clients in all types of litigation, including employment and professional liability claims, complex product liability cases, GL and auto claims, trucking matters, insurance coverage disputes and more.


All Lawyers are Not the Same


It can be hard to compare lawyers given that “no two cases are the same” and so, “results may vary.” Even if this is accepted as true, there are circumstances when clients get to see an “apples-to-apples” comparison of lawyers. This may occur when they have to hire second counsel due to conflict, dissatisfaction, etc.

Below is evidence of how Cruser Mitchell made the difference – saving clients more than $3 million in cases where they were the “Second Lawyers” hired. Let’s just say we were the “First Lawyers” hired the next time around.

Clear Liability Motor Vehicle Accident
with Catastrophic Injuries
Original Counsel recommended $1.5 million settlement. CM found medical evidence that plaintiff had significant prior injuries. Original Counsel recommended $1.5 million settlement. CM got case dismissed with ZERO payment!

$1.5 million Savings
Wrongful Death Original Counsel had case 6 months and advised “no legal defenses.” Recommended $500,000 settlement (value of life low). Cruser & Mitchell discovered plaintiff had no standing to bring suit. Original Counsel recommended $500,000 settlement.
CM achieved COD settlement with new defense.

$450,000 Savings
Wrongful Death
Product Defect
Insurance company sought mediation due to bad faith policy limits exposure.
Original Counsel could not persuade plaintiff’s counsel to mediate over 9 months of work.
Cruser & Mitchell discovered new liability defense and leverage points, securing mediation within 2 weeks of assignment. Original Counsel recommended policy limits.
CM resolved case substantially under policy limits.

Over $300,000 Savings

(plus $150,000 in fees saved)

Wrongful Death Original Counsel advised
6-figure exposure.
CM hired as trial counsel and discovered affirmative defenses never advanced by Original Counsel. Original Counsel paid $150,000 and recommended 6-figure settlement.
CM settled case before trial for de minimis amount.

$200,000 Savings
Product Defect
Brain Dead Plaintiff
Plaintiff added CM’s client and five other defendants as component part manufacturers several months into the case. CM confronted plaintiff with Statute of Repose defenses (which were available to some other defendants). Pre-discovery, CM got Plaintiff to dismiss CM client per confidentiality not to divulge SOR co-defendants. This $5,000,000+ exposure was litigated for 4 years thereafter.

$250,000 in fees SAVED
Clear Liability Motor Vehicle Accident
with Catastrophic Injuries
Original Counsel litigated case for 2 years and recommended 6-figure settlement. CM replaced Original Counsel 60 days before trial. CM discovered a citation to plaintiff for “Following too Close,” which was linked to pre-incident MVA with injuries that plaintiff purposely failed to disclose in present case. Original Counsel billed for 2 years and recommended $175,000 settlement.
CM, with impeachment information, achieved verdict of $37,000.

$133,000 Savings
Wrongful Death of Child Original Counsel indicated that, after $75,000 in legal fees and extensive discovery, Original Counsel would file MSJ. Cruser & Mitchell hired early in discovery of case and demanded voluntary dismissal. Original Counsel recommended litigating for $75,000 in fees.
CM achieved voluntary dismissal for $3,000 in fees.

$72,000 Savings
Clear Liability Motor Vehicle Accident
with Serious Multi-Level Back Surgery
UM carrier paid $100,000.
Defendant’s carrier offered its $100,000 BI limits, which plaintiff refused.
CM hired late as trial counsel. UM Carrier paid $100,000.
Verdict of $12,000.
UM overpaid by $100,000.
Defendant’s carrier saved $88,000.

$188,000 SAVINGS

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