Georgia Supreme Court Justice Suspends Jury Trials

In late December, Supreme Court of Georgia Chief Justice Harold D. Melton issued an order that extends the statewide judicial emergency and suspends jury trials until at least February. In part, the order states:

In response to the recent rapid escalation of COVID-19 cases, and to protect the health and safety of the public and court personnel while continuing to allow access to essential judicial functions, all jury trials not already in progress, including in-person proceedings to select jurors, are prohibited; this suspension of in-person jury trial proceedings is anticipated to continue until at least February. Jury trials in progress as of the date of this order may continue to conclusion at the discretion of the assigned judge. This order also does not preclude the issuance of juror summonses. All courts are again urged to use technology when practicable and lawful to conduct remote judicial proceedings as a safer alternative to in- 2 person proceedings. Where remote proceedings are not practicable or lawful, courts are reminded that in-person proceedings must be conducted in full compliance with public health guidance and the other requirements set forth in the Ninth extension order and in light of local conditions.

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