Masters of Negotiation Webinar Series

33-Minute Webinars to Improve Your Negotiation Skills & Approach to Settlement

About 90% of all cases settle.

  • Do you have a well-thought-out negotiation strategy?
  • Are you strategically setting expectations from the very first contact with plaintiff’s counsel?
  • Does your defense team and claims team jointly prepare and strategize to make sure you are on the same page and employing the right messaging during mediation?
  • Are you creatively identifying and exploiting leverage points?
  • Are you persuasively educating the plaintiff on why your leverage points dictate a settlement in your range?
  • Are you framing the settlement in a manner that is compelling for plaintiff to settle within your evaluation?

Join us for as many sessions as you choose, and if you miss one, it won’t impact your attending another. Best of all, utilizing these techniques can lead to significant savings in indemnity and legal fees. Now that’s a win/win.

REGISTER HERE  The Leverage Point of Educating Plaintiff’s Counsel, May 19/1PM ET

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