Robb Cruser to Present at State Bar of Georgia Mediation Advocacy Seminar

J_Robb_Cruser_01Robb Cruser presents “Maximizing or Minimizing the Value of your Case: The Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s Perspectives on Effective Advocacy in Mediation” at The State Bar of Georgia ICLE Mediation Advocacy Seminar on March 27, 2015.

Cruser & Mitchell is a full service law firm with offices in Georgia, Florida, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. From these offices, the firm represents national clients throughout the United States in complicated and high risk matters. The firm has a very proactive litigation philosophy and achieves excellent results in an economic and efficient manner. The firm has a reputation with a number of national corporations and insurance companies as “one of the top two or three firms in the nation.”