Craig Terrett obtains a Reversal in the Georgia Court of Appeals regarding a trial court decision denying summary judgment based on late notice to an Uninsured Motorist Carrier
Cruser Mitchell attorney secures a verdict of $20,000 against the defendant in a damages-only case where the plaintiff’s medicals exceeded $55,000. 
Craig Terrett and Lauren Byrne secured an Order granting Summary Judgment in Bad Faith Case Against Underinsured Motorist Carrier
Fulton County jury awarded only $5,000 in a clear liability case where the plaintiff incurred more than $75,000 in medical costs
Craig Terrett Convinced the Georgia Court of Appeals to Reverse a Lower Court’s Denial of their Motion for Summary Judgment
Ana Francolin Dolney obtained a favorable verdict on behalf on the defendants in a transportation liability case
Cruser Mitchell obtained a directed defense verdict in an commercial automotive litigation case where the defendants admitted liability
Rondiene Novitz and Scott Gurtman successfully attain a defense verdict in a motor vehicle accident case