Rondiene E. Novitz and Scott Gurtman Obtained Directed Verdict in a Federal Court Title VII Case

Rondiene E. Novitz and Scott Gurtman obtained a directed verdict in a Federal Court, Eastern District of New York case. Plaintiff, a school librarian, brought suit under Title VII and the Education Law claiming she was unfairly excessed from her position as a librarian from a Long Island School District. The school district had hired additional reading teachers and Plaintiff alleged that because of her seniority, and the fact that she obtained tenure, she should have been offered the reading teacher position before less-senior, younger teachers who were given the position. She alleged she was discriminated against due to her age. Defendants argued that Plaintiff was not qualified for the reading teacher position since she did not have the required certifications and she was tenured as a librarian, not reading teacher, which is a separate and distinct category. After four days of testimony, the judge granted Defendants’ Motion for a Directed Verdict.