Marc J. Zimet and Landon R. Schwob Won Defense Award in EPL Arbitration Hearing

Following the departure of a major shareholder at an exclusive Beverly Hills surgery practice, the senior surgeons were forced to take measures to reduce the practice’s costs in order to remain financially viable. Such measures included, among others, the termination of a long-time office manager with an inflated salary the practice could no longer afford. The office manager, a 69 year old woman, sued the practice for age discrimination in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeking nearly seven figures in monetary damages.

Marc J. Zimet and Landon R. Schwob compelled the matter to arbitration pursuant to the plaintiff’s employment agreement, and requested that the arbitrator set an expedited hearing to resolve the matter after the plaintiff refused to resolve the matter on reasonable terms at early mediation.

The arbitrator, a highly-respected retired judge, granted Cruser Mitchell’s request and, following a particularly contentious and emotional four-day hearing, issued a lengthy reasoned award for the defense, rejecting the plaintiff’s claims in their entirety.

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