Keith Gaston and Bradley Owen Secure Total Defense Verdict for J.B. Hunt Transport

Keith Gaston and Bradley Owen secured a total defense verdict on 10/1/2021 for J.B. Hunt Transport and its driver in a jury case in which the plaintiff truck driver asked for $2 million as a result of a three-vehicle (two tractor trailers and one tractor only) chain reaction collision on I-65 in Johnson County , IN. The case was tried in state court in Johnson County, IN. Plaintiff claimed injuries resulting in surgeries to both knees, multiple lumbar disc herniations, and an umbilical hernia due to a low speed collision. He had several doctors supporting his claims that all conditions were accident-related. Our clients’ tractor only unit was in the middle of the lineup, and plaintiff and co-defendant claimed that the JBH unit hit the rear of plaintiff’s trailer before the JBH was hit in the rear by the co-defendant. We offered the only biomechanical analysis evidence as to plaintiff’s alleged injuries and conditions, which proved to be critical to the jury’s decision in favor of J.B. Hunt.