Rondiene Novitz and Scott Gurtman Obtain Defense Verdict

Rondiene Novitz and Scott Gurtman received a defense verdict in Suffolk County, New York in a case where the demand before trial was $950,000.

The Plaintiff claimed she was at a birthday party at a roller rink. During the party, glow necklaces and other items were sold to customers in the middle of the roller rink. The Plaintiff claimed that one of these necklaces ended up on the floor and caused her to fall when the necklace got tangled up into her skate. She suffered a broken ankle and underwent two surgeries with the insertion of hardware. The Plaintiff called her husband and daughter as witnesses to testify that the glow necklace was at the bottom of her skate when she fell.

The Cruser Mitchell defense team proved the Plaintiff’s fall was caused by factors other than the necklace and the roller rink was not negligent. The jury deliberated for about 45 minutes before finding for the defense.

Trial Extract