Litigation Management Process & Strategy 

Wednesday, June 19
1pm ET


98% of cases don’t go to trial.

So, are you going to settle after paying counsel $5,000 or paying counsel $100,000?

Join us to learn how to develop and implement litigation management strategies to resolve matters efficiently and economically.

Masters of Negotiation Series


All sessions begin at 1pm ET

Playing Chess Instead of Checkers: A Strategic Approach to Negotiation Sept 18
Soft Skills of a Master Negotiator Sept 25
Framing the Case to Appeal to Plaintiff’s Needs Oct 2
The Leverage Point of Collectability Oct 9
The Theatre of Mediation Oct 16
Identifying the 1% that will Go to Trial Oct 23

Understanding & Identifying Key Performance Metrics for Your Company & Panel Counsel

Dates TBA

How do you define a “win”? What does efficient, cost-effective resolution strategy mean for you? Are you utilizing key metrics to evaluate internal performance and that of your panel counsel? In this webinar, we’ll talk about the importance and tracking of several key metrics, including:

  • Life of case
  • Average defense cost per settled case
  • Average indemnity payout
  • Cases settled within 90 days
  • Cases settled without depositions