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We’re Difference Makers

For Our Clients

We adhere to a simple principle: Obtain excellent results for our clients in the most efficient manner. A lawsuit presents a business decision, and that is how we approach litigation management. Also, we have implemented metrics to measure our results and ensure our attorneys focus on delivering excellence with efficiency.

Upon retention, we are 100% resolution-focused and that resolution will be determined by our client after we provide all options—just like any other business decision. We help each client to determine what a “win” is, and then set out a strategy to achieve this “win” economically and efficiently. Learn more about the difference we make for our clients.

For Our Community

We believe that taking an active role in our community is a responsibility everyone shares. Our staff is engaged in local, national and international non-profit organizations, serving as leaders and on boards of directors, coordinating fundraising and mentoring. Learn more about the difference we make in our community.

For Our World

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. – Mother Teresa
Cruser Mitchell has partnered with World Vision to provide ongoing support for ten children in developing nations. Through financial support and ongoing communication, we are committed to helping these children receive medical care and education. Learn more about the difference we make in the world.


Cruser & Mitchell sets the standard for excellence! They are attorneys who think outside the box and always are coming up with creative solutions. I wish Cruser & Mitchell were licensed in all 50 states!”

Sr. VP of Quality, Regulatory and Risk Management National Product Manufacturer

I oversee risk management for my company all over the nation and manage hundreds of lawyers. Without question, Cruser and Mitchell is always at the top of my list both in service, results and efficiency.”

Risk Manager Fortune 500 Company

I had the opportunity to sit in a weeklong trial involving Bill Mitchell where we obtained a defense verdict. The case involved a seriously injured plaintiff who was crippled. The exposure was potentially in excess of $10,000,000. Fortunately, my company was represented by Bill Mitchell of Cruser & Mitchell. I've participated in and/or monitored many trials over the years and thought Bill did a fantastic job. Bill's closing argument was truly exceptional just like the end result.

General Counsel Fortune 500 Company

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