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Or are you hiring lawyers who, while always ready for trial, also possess a unique skill set and proven track record to strategically and proactively negotiate and close cases quickly in an economic and efficient manner – without compromising value – by developing and executing an agreed-upon Early Resolution Plan?

Do your lawyers focus on early evaluation and efficiently determine whether the case resolution is settlement, dispositive motion or trial? Or, robotically go through the motions of litigating every case?

Are you measuring your lawyers by anecdotal evidence or using objective Key Performance Indicators like average case duration, legal fees and indemnity paid per case?

All lawyers are not created equal. Learn how Disruptive Lawyers achieve unexpected results.

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On and effective May 2, 2022, Governor Brian Kemp signed House Bill 620 amending Title 29, eliminating the need for Court approval for minor settlements below $25,000. The new law also defines “gross settlement” and “net settlement” to clarify when a conservator is required and what court handles the minor …